Fees: How to Save the Most and Avoid Fees

crypto com fees is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that has been popular for its high quality and low fees.

But what are the fees involved? What does it mean to be a maker or taker? How do you avoid paying the most withdrawal, deposit, and selling fees when using In this blog post we will discuss these questions in detail!

About is a crypto trading platform that provides a secure and easy way to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies. is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices located around the world. The company has been featured on Forbes, Bloomberg, Business Insider, CNN Money, Yahoo Finance, CNBC Asia for their product development. It started as just a mobile app but is quickly becoming a popular brand among crypto investors.

Check out our How To Use post to learn how to use the app!

If you need a cost-effective crypto exchange, the exchange offers minimal withdrawal fees and deposit fees when compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges.

The fee structure is a little different from other exchanges in the space, but it’s very easy to understand once you get the hang of it!

Deposit Fees

There are no charges to deposit cryptocurrency to the Exchange. This is pretty unique compared to some other exchanges. Wire transfers and ACH transfers are free so that you can start to buy and sell crypto easily.

Trading fees

Trading fees at are volume-dependent: if you trade more, you get better rates. Stake coin (CRO) and pay your trading fees in CRO for even more savings. You also get a 10% p.a. return on your CRO stake as an added bonus.

The higher your 30-day trading volume, the lower your maker-taker fee.

Maker and Taker Fees

First off, uses maker and taker fees which means that there are no hidden or surprise fees for buying crypto like many other crypto exchanges like Robinhood use.

The fees are structured in a way where there is a maker fee and a taker fee. This is pretty common with some cryptocurrency exchanges

The maker fee is the amount you pay when you post an order that will be filled immediately by another user. Limit orders are a good example of this.

The taker fee is the amount you pay when you take an order that has already been placed on the books.

The amount of your trading fee is determined by the quantity of crypto you’ve exchanged in USD value over the previous 30 days. As you trading volume increases, so does your level and your maker and taker fees are reduced.

Level 1 $0 – $25,000 0.4% 0.4% 0.360% 0.360%
Level 2 $25,001 – $50,000 0.35% 0.35% 0.315% 0.315%
Level 3 $50,001 – $100,000 0.15% 0.25% 0.135% 0.225%
Level 4 $100,001 – $250,000 0.1% 0.16% 0.090% 0.144%
Level 5 $250,001 – $1,000,000 0.09% 0.15% 0.081% 0.135%
Level 6 $1,000,001 – $20,000,000 0.08% 0.14% 0.072% 0.126%
Level 7 $20,000,001 – $100,000,000 0.07% 0.13% 0.063% 0.117%

Things to remember:

  • Trading fees are charged on each transaction until your request is fully completed.
  • Trading fees are often reduced with the help of CRO rebates.
  • You must stake a minimum of 5,000 CRO to receive compensation via a rebate
  • You must stake CRO on the Exchange and pay trade fees with CRO to obtain your CRO rebates.
  • The amount of CRO staked and trading charges paid on the day before (calculated at 00:50:00 UTC daily) are used to calculate the refund.
  • Every day at 00:50:00 (UTC), your trading volume over the previous 30 days in USD, current CRO staking balance, and fees paid in CRO are evaluated.
  • Most calculations and payouts take approximately one hour to finish.

Purchase fees

If you choose to purchase cryptocurrency through the app, then you will incur a purchase fee. If you are using a credit card or debit card, the fee is a flat 2.99%.

This can vary depending on your banking institution and location.

You can also deposit Fiat currency via wire transfer (minimum $5,000) and ACH Transfer. Both are completely free.

Withdrawal Fees

The Exchange’s withdrawal is an on-chain transaction of moving crypto to an external cryptocurrency address (usually either a wallet or another exchange). They come with a fee, like all blockchain transactions.

Thee withdrawal fees involved depend on the type of crypto that you are trying to withdrawal. For example, the fee to withdrawal a minimum of .0002 BTC is .0001 BTC

Do you use a hardware wallet yet when you withdraw? If not, get one now so to keep your coins safe!

I recommend the Ledger Nano X or S. vs competitors actually has pretty reasonable fees compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges.

For example, Coinbase charges a base rate of .49% for all takers and makers. Binance, on the other hand, has different rates for maker and taker transactions that can range anywhere from 0.05% to 0.25%.

To compare, check out some of our other articles about the fees from Coinbase and Kraken.

So how do you save the most money when using

How to Save the Most and Avoid Fees

  • Use CRO to pay your trading fees and receive a rebate in return.

As mentioned above, if you use CRO to pay your fees you will get a rebate on those fees.

  • Make sure to check the 30-day trading volume to get the best rates.

The higher your 30-day trading volume, the lower your maker and taker fees are.

  • Take advantage of reduced fees for high volumes.

If you trade more, you can enjoy even more savings. Trade frequently to take advantage of lower rates.

  • Stake more CRO to get even better rates.

The more CRO you stake, the better your maker and taker fees will be when you exchange cryptocurrency with

  • Keep an eye on the Exchange for fee reductions.
  • Utilize our various order types

You can use other order types like stop loss and take profit orders to help you save money while trading. Fee FAQs

crypto com

How do I pay for my trading fees in CRO?

You can easily choose to pay fees with CRO

  • Go to your Profile in the mobile app (upper right-hand corner).
  • Click “Stake & Earn”
  • Turn on the pay with CRO option

Any trading fees that you have paid in CRO will be rebated with CRO Staked.

Does offer the lowest fees?

Compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges, offers relatively low fees. trading fees start at .4%

When do I get my rebate?

You will receive your rebate at the end of the day, at 00:50:00 UTC. Your rebate is based on your CRO staking balance and fees paid in CRO that day. For a rebate, you need to stake at least 5,000 CRO.

What happens if I stop staking?

If you stop staking CRO, your rebate will be cancelled and you will no longer receive any benefits from using CRO in your account. You will lose your trading fee discounts.

How long do withdrawals take?

It can take up to 2-3 hours for your funds to transfer after you have withdrawn from your wallet.  To avoid delays, make sure you have completed all required identity verification steps and choose a verified method of withdrawal.

What other services does offer? offers a suite of crypto products and services including:

The Wallet & Card App: the world’s first cryptocurrency payment card that is accepted everywhere VISA is accepted in over 50 million locations worldwide.

The Crypto Credit Card: Earn cashback in CRO on all purchases. (Related article: If you are looking for a low-fee crypto credit card, check out this list.)

The Exchange: Trade over 100 cryptocurrencies with competitive fees and lightning-fast execution.

Mint your own NFTs: Apply to be an NFT creator with to create custom tokens that represent any asset or artwork that you create. Earn: also has an interest earning option, where you can earn passive income from your cryptocurrency. Earn allows you to earn up to 14.5% on your deposited coins. resources

The blog posts aim to provide useful content for users of the platform and cryptocurrency community as a whole, interesting insights into this new and evolving industry and its future potential. They provide updates on their products (like CRO staking), reviews from users and more!

Check out our other articles to compare fees from Coinbase, Gemini, and Kraken. fees conclusion offers some of the lowest fees in the crypto industry, starting at just .40%. You can save even more by using CRO to pay your fees and receiving a rebate in return. Make sure to check your 30-day trading volume to get the best rates, and take advantage of reduced fees for high volumes.

The more you trade, the more you save! Stake more CRO to get even better rates, and keep an eye on our Exchange for fee reductions. Utilize our various order types to help you save money while trading. And lastly, don’t forget about our Crypto Credit Card which offers up to 30% cashback in CRO on all purchases!

Don’t forget to check out our complete review.

Lastly, please do make sure to get a secure hardware wallet to store your cryptocurrency off exchanges when you’re holding mid or longterm. I recommend the Ledger Nano X since it’s so easy to to use and very safe. If you’re looking for different wallet, I’ve got a detailed list of my favorite crypto wallets here.

Feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll personally answer your questions.

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