The Complete Guide to Coinbase Fees (and How to Avoid Them)

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Coinbase is one of the most widely used crypto exchanges around. It is the main go-to for people who like to invest in cryptocurrency.

People love its user-friendly interface and convenience, but Coinbase comes with some major fees you should be aware of. In fact, there's a fee for every transaction!

If you want to know how the process of Coinbase fees works, including how to avoid them, continue reading this article. We've got some tips and information you're going to need. And if you don't already have an account, use my link below to sign up.


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A Breakdown of Coinbase Fees

When you look over the Coinbase user agreement, you might find that the fees are a bit confusing. Plus you have imposed limits and other regulations hidden in the small print.

In this section, we'll start with the fees.

There is a fee for every digital currency transaction you make on Coinbase, whether you're buying or selling.

Buying Fees

When you are buying BTC through Coinbase, the amount of your fees is automatically deducted from the total amount of your order.

So, let's say, for example, you entered $100 into the app as the amount you are wishing to buy. For that transaction, you will be charged $2.99.

With that added fee, your full total for the transaction will end up being $100, but you will only get $97.01 worth of BTC.

Here is an example of a $100 BTC purchase while paying from a bank account:

Coinbase Fee Transaction Example

Here is an example of a $1000 BTC purchase while paying from a bank account:

Coinbase Fee Transaction

Here is an example of a $100 BTC purchase while paying from a debit card:

Coinbase Fee Example

Selling Fees

When you are selling on digital currency on Coinbase, the fees you’re responsible for will be automatically deducted from the amount you initially entered. In this example, we’ll use $100 again.

If you key in $100 is the amount you’re selling, the fee is 1.49%. Since the fees are automatically deducted, the total amount you are selling the cryptocurrency for is going to be $98.51.

That is also the amount you will see applied for your payment method of choice. However, a full $100 of BTC is going to be removed from your account.

Where You’ll Find Your Trading Fees

Regardless of whether you’re buying or selling the digital currency BTC, you will always receive an automatic charge for any necessary fees. You will see a full write up of your transactions in digital and local currency in addition to the fees you’re being debited on the confirmation screen.

How Much Money Does Coinbase Charge?

The fees charged by Coinbase are pretty low. But they can add up, especially if you use the service often. You will see the buying and selling fees we described above.

There may also be fixed and variable fees depending on the amount of the transaction. And when your purchases are smaller, there is a flat fee charged.

Here are the flat fees for the smaller transactions:

  • If you are buying or selling in the amount of $10.99 or less, the trading fee is $0.99
  • If you are buying or selling between $11 and 26.49, the trading fee is $1.49
  • If you are buying or selling from $26.50 to $51.99, the trading fee is $1.99
  • If you are buying or selling from $52 to $78.05, the trading fee is $2.99

Now that we’ve covered the flat fees, here are the variables.

You can make a transaction of up to $200 within the Coinbase system if you use either your bank account or USD wallet to buy or sell cryptocurrency.

However, if you are making a purchase or sale of $201 or more, the variable of 1.49% kicks in.

If you make a transaction of $78.06 or more, with a credit card or debit card and then transfer all your proceeds into your PayPal account, you will have to pay a variable fee in the amount of 3.99%.

The Possibility of Bank Fees

On top of the Coinbase transaction fees, you may see some fees outside of your Coinbase account – we’re talking fees from your own bank.

Some users are charged a 3% foreign transaction fee if a transaction is made via a credit card or debit card. The 3% is standard for international conversions, but it really depends on your bank.

The reason some people get these charges is that Coinbase works with a company that’s based in London to process its credit card and debit card transactions.

Just so you can have a clear understanding of what to expect, you should speak with your bank to find out if those are fees you’ll ever need to worry about when buying digital currency.

Can You Really Avoid Paying Coinbase Fees?

While Coinbase’s fees are pretty reasonable in comparison to other brokers, it’s still nice to avoid paying them if you can. To start, you will need to start using Coinbase Pro. Read the article linked, if you’re unsure what’s the difference between Coinbase and Coinbase Pro.

While its name implies that it is a version that should only be used for professional traders, don’t allow it to intimidate you. There are a few extra steps while using Coinbase pro, but it isn’t much more difficult than the standard version you are already used to.

The main difference between the platforms is that the standard Coinbase is a broker. In other words, it helps you get access to Bitcoin and it charges you a fee for it.

Coinbase Pro, on the other hand, is an exchange. This means you can freely buy and sell Bitcoin on the open market.

One major bonus here is that if you already have a Coinbase account you also have access to a Coinbase Pro account, you just may not have realized. You will simply log in using your same username and password.

And the fees are vastly different between the two.

Withdrawal Fees

With Coinbase, there isn’t a direct withdraw fee. However, there is a network fee at the time of withdrawing that varies depending on how busy the network is.

To avoid any withdraw related fees, you will need to remove your funds through Coinbase Pro.

Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to do. Sign in to and log in with your Coinbase information.

Next, click on “Portfolios” at the upper right area on the screen and then press “Deposit.” 

After that, pick the cryptocurrency or funds you want to move over to Coinbase Pro. Once you pick this, you will then have the option to move the funds over from Coinbase.

Now, enter in the amount of funds you want to move from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro, so then when you want to withdraw it, you won’t have to pay any fees.

Crypto Ryancy


While we're on the subject of withdrawing, make sure you have a secure wallet off the exchange when you're holding long term and not actively trading. 

I personally use the Ledger Nano X & the Trezor Model T.

-Crypto Ryan


Buying Fee

If you want to buy Bitcoin with a debit card, you will receive your Bitcoin instantly, but there's a fee associated with it. But if you are willing to wait for the transfer, use your bank account to avoid the associated fees.

With that said, Coinbase Pro doesn't charge a fee to add money to your account because it isn't a broker. However, there is simply a fee to use your money to buy Bitcoin. On the other hand, there is a trading fee.

Trading Fees

Buying cryptocurrency using a limit purchase or limit order is a simple way to save money on trading fees.

Coinbase Pro utilizes a popular trading module called maker-taker in order to determine its trading fees. Here's how the module works:

A Maker order is one where you add liquidity. This means your order is added to the order book as either a buy or sell order.

In a transaction as a maker, you will be making your own offers. The buying price you choose should be lower than the current selling price in the limit order.

As a 'maker', you have to pay a trading fee due to an update to Coinbase's terms on March 22nd, 2019.

A 'taker' is when you remove part of the order book. So, you're either buying or selling to a trade that's been listed in the order book.

These trades are completed instantly, but you will have to pay a fee between .0% and .50% for this transaction depending on how much you transact during the a given month.

Coinbase Spending Limits

Coinbase fees take a bit of time to understand. But while you're still learning about those parts of the app, it's also important to understand its spending limits.

You will have limitations on how much you can purchase and sell through Coinbase each week. But keep in mind that this can change with time. Coinbase expands spending limits based on a few different things.

Such as, how long you've been trading and how much you've traded. They will also look at whether you've completed your identity verification with personal details like your government ID and phone number.

Another thing not many people know is that you can help increase your limits by adding more financial information to your account. This includes bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards.

Doing so is also useful if you plan on becoming a heavy investor.

Keep in mind though that these spending limits only apply to Coinbase. You will need to communicate with your bank to find out what your limits are if you have them.

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  • Hey Ryan, looks like you actually cannot send from coinbase to coinbase pro. just tried to send my XRP and gave me the error “You can’t send a payment from an account to itself.” Frustrating.

  • Hey Ryan, how much would Coinbase charge if I transfer 2 btc from my blockchain wallet to my coinbase btc address? I am not able to find the pricing for the same.

    • Hey! Coinbase does not charge to or from their wallets. However, you will have to pay the miners to authenticate the transaction when sending the coin on the blockchain from your wallet to Coinbase. In your personal wallet, you generally get to decide how high of rate you’d want to pay for faster or slower confirmations.

  • if say I only had $500 in my portfolio..all in litecoins say,…doesnt it cost me more then I would averagely profit in an average day just in fees alone?

  • Hi Ryan

    I appreciate your work. I wanted to know how I could buy bitcoins from Coinbase Pro rather than buying from coinbase. What is the process?

  • Every time I try to send Orchid, OX or Basic from my Coinbase Wallet back to mt Coinbase Account, details come up saying that I need ETH to pay the miners fee to send this coin? There is a yellow symbol “i” next to all three of these tokens in my wallet, can anyone tell me what this means? How do I get ETH to pay the miners fee to send my coins???? Thanks

  • Hi Ryan. I’ve been a holder up this point, but I think I want to try trading the swings for a minute. Looking for small gains, frequently… say $50 gains on $2k trades. Sounds like I need to use pro so I don’t get eaten up by fees. Is my thinking correct?

    • Hey Shawn! I def understand the want to do that. Either go with Coinbase Pro or head over to or (depending on your state). Binance’s fees are WAY lower than Coinbase Pros even.

      Here’s my referral link for (I don’t have one for because I’m in FL):

  • Interesting article. I still have a problem with Coinbase. I tried to transfer in my account GBP, but I can’t find the Faster Payment method. They only give the option to pay with debit card. Initially I tried to setup the account while I was in Austria. Changed the country, it was approved, but I still have in my account the address in England, but the Country still Austria. I wrote to customer service, but no help from them. So frustrating.

  • You did not mention if Coinbase charges a fee if I cancel my buy or sell orders? I’m still unclear about this, after searching about this I come across your site, but nobody can simply answer this question, which I think everyone would want to know.

    • Hey Adam! Since Coinbase is basically a cryptocurrency stock exchange or a bank, I’m fairly confident to say that you cannot cancel a sell/buy and get a refund (and then fees).

      I also searched through Coinbase’s T&S and I could not find a refund/return policy on fees to make sure.

      All transactions are final.

  • have you ever heard of this experience ? My sister went to open a coinbase acc,she signed up,then they wanted her funding method,she entered it,then they wanted a oic of he ID front and back,she did that,it was excepted,then they wanted a selfie ,she did that and it was accepted and then she went to the wrp page to purchase and BAM! Account deleted, Got an email that said the acc was deleted successfully and that they could no longer do business with her.She tried C.S. and couldn’t use it because she didn’t have an account.

    • Hey Joe! Yes, sadly, we have heard of this before. Something must have been off (like missing or inconsistent) with the application. I’ve always heard of famous cryptocurrency YouTubers getting their account closed as well. Coinbase is very much like a bank so they can approve or deny applicants for any reason they want. She could try Binance instead!

  • Hey man, so I had 75k in my account.. I didn’t read the fine print and kept trading, like day trading. Well Coinbase kept saying each time fee is 0.00 and then I’d be out like 500 each time. Thing is I wasn’t paying attention to this as it was happening. Second the amount ode to coin base to become solvent is insane and they gave me 14 days. I know only have 4 days left and am about to sue. Please help

    • You’ll ever need to transfer it out and pay the mining fee (if you plan to hold it) or you’ll exchange it to cash for a fee to withdraw to your bank account. It’ll probably more expensive to use Coinbase to withdraw, but it will be the fastest.

    • I updated the article! Thanks, Same.

      “Next, click on “Portfolios” at the upper right area on the screen and then press “Deposit.” 

      After that, pick the cryptocurrency or funds you want to move over to Coinbase Pro. Once you pick this, you will then have the option to move the funds over from Coinbase.

      Now simply, enter in the amount of funds you want to move from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro, then when you want to withdraw it, you won’t have to pay any fees.”

  • Hi Ryan.Good stuff you are putting up.Have BTC in Coinbase wallet.Cannot send to my Bitflyer.
    So,I tried the via Coinbase pro way you indicated above.No luck,as that platform not supported in Japan.So…how the xxxx do I get my BTC out of Coinbase.Close account maybe.??

    • I’d recommend getting a wallet off the exchange to send to first from Coinbase and then from that wallet send it to bitflyer. If you don’t have a hardware wallet, you should get one.

  • In the past several days I have had 5 Limit buy orders filled on Coinbase and have been charged a fee for each trade. I thought Limit Orders were fee free. Can’t find any info on their site though. Did they change their fee structure or am I doing something wrong? I followed every step from an instructional YouTube video.

    • Hey Valerie,

      Unfortunately, Coinbase charges for all transactions now – even as a ‘maker’, you have to pay a trading fee due to an update to Coinbase’s terms on March 22nd, 2019.

  • Hi Ryan, I hope you’re doing well.

    My name is Javier Medina I loved your article it has such a valuable information thank you very much for sharing. I also want to tell you that I recently created a Coinbase account. And I bought 1000 in Bitcoin. Now apparently I made 50k with that investment but the person who invited me to invest is asking me to pay 10% of those 50k in commissions but she is saying that I have to pay 5k out of pocket. Do you know if that is the way they carge the commission? I think this person is a scammer. I am a newbie in this type of investments. Thank you very much in advance for your attention and your time. Please help!

    • Hi Javier,

      This is definitely a scam! Unless you have a contract with this person, I would not pay them anything or share any wallet/account information.

  • I have been buying bitcoin on Coinbase Pro and have $3,000 in by portfolio. When I sell does this convert back to cash or bitcoin. I am trying to figure out how much it is going to cost me in commission to get my cash out. Thanks.

    • When you sell the BTC, it will convert into whichever currency you chose. BTC has multiple trading pairs so if you want to cash out, I would recommend the USD pair. It is free to withdraw your cash after paying the selling fees.

  • Hey Ryan: I am in TX and unfortunately, Binance is not available for TX residents. Can you think of any other options besides Coinbase that I should consider?