What Is the Best Way to Invest Your Money: 5 Ideas Worth Considering

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The pandemic is polarising. People living through it are either having the worst years of their life, financially, or they are making more money than they ever have done before.

Why is that? That’s because it depends on where your business is focused. If all of your business is done face-to-face then the chances are you will be suffering. So it’s time to pivot.

If you are lucky enough to have spare cash and are wondering where to invest it then here are five great ideas for the best way to invest your money.

1. Investing in An Amazon Business With Crypto

One of the best ways to invest your money is in an Amazon business. This is because Amazon’s share of most markets including the retail market is immense. During the pandemic, Amazon’s third-quarter profit has grown by 37%.

With physical shops across the world closed or with restrictions and footfall seriously down even in countries that aren’t in lockdown, Amazon is the place where consumers are shopping.

Another issue that stems from the pandemic is the dramatically falling currency rates around the world. Even supposedly ‘safe’ currencies like the U.S Dollar and the British Pound.

To raise the money to start an Amazon business you might want to use Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin instead to do some trading to raise the money for your Amazon business.

Crypto should also be the place you store profits from Amazon even if you are making a lot in U.S Dollars.

Selling and Buying

Think about what you can sell on the platform that might make money. Do your research and evaluate the market. You can get goods made cheaply in places like India, China, or Vietnam and then shipped out to the rest of the world using Amazon’s systems.

You could self-publish a book on Amazon and watch your sales soar by using Amazon’s KPD platform. You get to keep 70% of the profits and there is no barrier to entry as there is with a traditional publishing house.

here are a few upfront costs such as cover design, editorial, and marketing but the great thing about self-publishing is that you can pick these people yourself rather than relying on the staff that the publishing house picks.

If you are not a businessman or woman and are just looking for a quick buck then why not invest your money in someone else’s Amazon business.

2. Buying Property With Crypto

The property market is booming in certain areas of the world and is in decline in others. In major cities where rent and property prices are extraordinarily high such as New York and L.A, Property prices are likely to sink as people flee from highly populated areas.

Places in the country are increasing in value and so property in the rural districts could be the place to off-load all of your money. Many celebrities and media personalities such as Joe Rogan have left LA and have moved to Austin in Texas.

Property is volatile but the rewards could be great so long as you do your research. Get a feel for the different areas and talk to other property moguls to see what they are up to.

Because of the volatility of the U.S Dollar, the Euro, and the Great British Pound, some property companies will now let you buy in cryptocurrencies. Digital banks such as Revolut even support cryptocurrencies as a currency if you pay for their premium services.

3. SEO Company

Another great way of investing your money is to put it into a company that specializes in Search Engine Optimization..

There has never been a time before where people need to ensure that their websites are ranking highly on Google. People who specialize in this kind of digital marketing along with other services are in high demand.

It’s a safe bet to invest in these tech-savvy companies since most of them work remotely from home anyway. They won’t have an office or any over-heads that could bring down their profits.

4. Other Digital Marketing Options Paid in Crypto

As well as SEO companies you can also invest in other digital marketing options that are profitable. These include companies that manage and advise companies on their social media output such as Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

There are also UX design companies that look deeply at the psychology behind user design and words so that more users will click on your pages.

You could even consider investing your money in video marketing companies or whiteboard animation companies that can provide great services for their users for a cheap cost.

If you’re dealing with contractors that you’ve found online say that you want to pay them in cryptocurrency. They might not accept this to start with but if you explain your reasoning behind this and offer them an incentive of 1% or 2% on their fee they might go for this.

Of course, paying them in traditional currencies might also be a viable option if you’re trying to buy out of a particular currency before you a potential crash.

5. Apple Inc

How to invest your money? If all else fails you can always put your money straight back into Apple. The pandemic certainly hasn’t slowed down their growth and it continues to grow to record highs.

With the recent launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, Apple has another set of products set to make them a fortune and you should get in on it.

Remember that you will also make good money from the dividends on the stock and you should consider reinvesting that into more shares rather than keeping it and spending it. This is how to become an investor 101.

It’s also worth remembering that with a company like Apple you are playing the long game. You are not going to see a quick return on your investment, you will only see real results over a 10, 15, or even 20-year period. It’s also the case that the more money you put in the more money you are likely to make. But this of course comes with risks.

If a serious problem was to overcome Apple’s supply chain or sully their reputation you could be left with a loss rather than profit. It makes sense to spread your loadout over tech companies and other industries.

Best Way to Invest Your Money? Go Digital

The best way to invest your money in this current era is in digital-only businesses such as Amazon and to use digital currencies like crypto. The pandemic has put traditional shops and businesses into freefall but digital businesses are doing better than ever before as we spend most of our time online.

SEO businesses are a great move as well as digital marketing businesses as many traditional businesses are pivoting all of their marketing funds in this direction.

You could consider investing in property in rural areas but this is still more of a risk than investing online.

If you are interested in reading more about the best way to invest your money be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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