Bitcoin News: The State of Bitcoin and How You Can Benefit in 2019

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Some cryptocurrency pundits predict Bitcoin to close by year’s end at nearly $10,000, citing new regulations and positive market speculation. But other Bitcoin news sources speculate an even worse performance for Bitcoin in 2019.

2018 was a miserable year for Bitcoin value, which closed with a nearly $10,000 loss.

This might have you wondering if profitable opportunities will exist for the Bitcoin market this year.

2019 will see a variety of significant changes in the cryptocurrency market. Many of these market opportunities seemed poised to strengthen Bitcoin and the future of cryptocurrencies in general.

And what does this mean for you?

Profit. And a whole lot of it, assuming these speculated market changes arrive as promised.

But how do you invest in Bitcoin after the bubble’s popped?

And when is the best time?

Well, we’re here to give you some of the most important Bitcoin news for 2019 that can help you invest wisely and with confidence.

If you want a piece of this Bitcoin pie, read this list of Bitcoin market trends in 2019 that could have you reaping the rewards.

The Big Bitcoin News of 2019

This year is jam-packed with changes in the cryptocurrency market.

But we’ve identified what we believe to be the three most significant shake-ups that could usher in a second rise in Bitcoin value.

1. Bitcoin and the Rise of Authoritarianism

Bitcoin has become a popular, reliable currency for citizens living under authoritarian rule.

Time magazine reported that Venezuelans, suffering under the effects of hyperinflation and significant wire transfer fees, have turned to Bitcoin during their financial crisis.

There’s a significant number of reasons why Bitcoin is a superior alternative to local paper currencies.

For one, banks aren’t involved. This avoids both government fees and surveillance. Civilians can receive money from friends and family without it being siphoned off the top or stopped entirely.

Additionally, Bitcoin isn’t affected by the hyperinflation of local currencies. Even if these governments print too much money and make the local currency worthless, bitcoin will still hold the same value.

Its secure blockchain technology means it’s protected from physical theft.

This is powerful evidence that Bitcoin isn’t likely to burn away this year as an overhyped technology. There is a clear need and demand for safe, private digital currencies. Bitcoin handily fills that requirement.

But how can you benefit from this information?

According to Stanford University professor Larry Diamond, authoritarianism is on the rise and it’s showing no signs of stopping. 

As more governments attempt to tighten their grasp on citizens, Bitcoin will become an ever more popular currency through increased demand and daily use.

While this trend continues into 2019, Bitcoin value is likely to rise.

And that means your Bitcoin investments will profit.

2. The Future of Bitcoin Futures

Sometime this year, Nasdaq plans to offer Bitcoin future contracts and the owner of the New York Stock Exchange is reportedly also in the works of deploying such a service.

This isn’t the first time Bitcoin futures have even been offered. In December 2017, a hurried certification process saw them tacked on at the end of the year.

These futures didn’t see significant investment, and following their initial run, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission said there would be an improved review process.

But increased regulation is exactly what the budding world of crypto needs to compete with already established currencies.

Many cryptocurrencies exist, but the vast majority are fundamentally worthless. Under Nasdaq’s new regulatory process, they’ll be able to make clear which crypto coins are worth their weight in gold.

Once the Nasdaq futures are said and done, there will also be a clear approval process that has otherwise been obfuscated or non-existent up to this point.

These increased regulatory procedures are likely to increase investor confidence and help reverse crypto’s current bear market.

Nasdaq itself is dedicated to the market. Tony Tio, head of the Nasdaq Exchange, said they see crypto “as a growing asset class.”

And growing is good.

Hopefully, Nasdaq’s bitcoin futures arrive early in the year, as projected. It’s likely to give crypto — especially Bitcoin — the support it needs to see market growth this year.

3. Security Token Offerings

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) drove a significant demand for cryptocurrencies, and the bigger, more handsome brother of ICOs — Security Token Offerings (STOs) — are situated to make an even larger splash in the market this year.

When a company seeks to create a new coin or technology, they may opt for an ICO. Investors may purchase the ICO, allocating funds for the start-up, and in return, they receive the new cryptocurrency.

Hopefully, the cryptocurrency would grow large and circulate enough to be worth something.

ICOs drove billions of dollars in investment and established both Bitcoin and Ethereum as popular coins. But unfortunately, 80% of ICOs in 2017 were identified to be scams.

Now as we progress into 2019, the next iteration of ICOs have arrived.

Just like ICOs, STOs are an option for start-ups to raise funds. But that’s where the similarities end.

STOs are approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission, providing significantly more regulation and investor protection than their scam-filled counterparts.

Rather than an ICO being a newly-minted cryptocoin, STOs represent actual assets from the start-up company.

The ICOs managed to boost cryptocurrencies two years ago — and they were of questionable worth.

2019 is the year of the STO.

Seeing as they are more regulated, secure, and inherently useful than their older counterparts, we can expect them to drive market demand for Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies this year.

Now What Do You Do With It?

With many beneficial market changes occurring, it should be nearly effortless to benefit. The key is to hang on to your purchase and allow the Bitcoin value to gradually increase throughout the year.

But while we just discussed the use of Bitcoin as a potential investment tool, don’t forget that there’s plenty of services for you to purchase with your new bitcoin.

For Bitcoin news, crypto opportunities, and market analysis, we encourage you to take a look across our site for more information that could have both you and your wallet seeing green.

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