5 Key Reasons to Start Trading Crypto in 2021

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Bitcoin, the most popular form of cryptocurrency, has seen incredible gains in the past 12 months. Many people who invested earlier have since become millionaires simply by trading crypto.

If this sounds interesting, you are not alone. More people every day are beginning to invest. But if you still need extra motivation on why you need to invest in the cryptocurrency market, keep on reading.

We have gathered the 5 key reasons you should start trading in crypto in 2021.

1. Possibility of High Returns

Crypto has one of the highest possibilities of returns in the marketplace. For example, one Bitcoin in 2021 cost less than $20. It is currently for sale for approximately $58,000 in 2021.

If you had bought 100 Bitcoins in 2012 at $20 apiece, your initial investment of $2,000 would be now worth roughly $5.8 million in 2021. That is an incredible return on investment.

2. It Is Easy to Start

One of the great things about trading in cryptocurrency is that it is very easy to start. Due to its high liquidity, it is very easy to acquire cryptocurrency, as there is plenty available to buy.

3. Many Different Options Available

There are so many different options available to start trading crypto. Many people know of Bitcoin, but there are other great options for crypto. Other forms of cryptocurrency include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Wax, Ripple,  Stellar, NEO, Dogecoin, and more.

With so many different options, you can easily find a type of crypto that you feel comfortable and confident in trading. If you are in Canada and are interested in trading and buying, find out more about how you can start today.

4. It Is Becoming More Mainstream

Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin used to be associated with hugely wealthy individuals and less reputable types of dealings. That entire perception has changed in the last few years.

Cryptocurrency is becoming more accepted in mainstream culture, including Wall Street. Many large Fortune 500 companies are beginning to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment and are investing in it.

In fact, Tesla just recently purchased $1.5 billion of Bitcoin and stated that they will accept it as payment.

5. Crypto’s Growth Rate Is Expected to Remain Steady

The best reason why you should start trading crypto in 2021 is that the growth model is expected to hold steady. Cryptos like Bitcoin have always been shown to have explosive growth after a dip in price.

Ethereum has shown steady growth during 2020 and 2021, with an average annual growth rate of almost 200 percent.

Want to Learn More About Trading Crypto?

Trading crypto can be an incredibly profitable investment with great returns over time. Hopefully, these 5 key reasons have convinced you that there is no better time to begin your investment journey into the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest topics in finance, as well as the industry that is changing the most rapidly. Keep reading for more of the latest insights and trends on the cryptocurrency market.

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